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NickALive! Head-2-Head Championship 2018 | Week 3 [Octofinals]

This summer, NickALive! will be putting 16 hit Nickelodeon shows through their paces in the Head-2-Head Championship 2018! #Head2Head2018

Week 3

The results for Week 1 are in! In the animation corner, Ansi, Olly and Saraline from Welcome to the Wayne battled hard, but were no match for featherweights Harvey Beaks, Fee and Foo, who won 77.9% of the vote (60 votes), whilst in the live-action corner, Sam's buttersock was no match for Captain Man and Kid Danger's hi-tech crime fighting gadgets, with Henry Danger winning 56.4% of the vote (22 votes)!

In week three of NickALive!'s Head-2-Head Championship 2018, the Loud siblings from The Loud House are going head-to-head against the Muckledunk crew from Bunsen Is a Beast in the animation corner, while the quad squad from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn are battling the game legends from Game Shakers in the live-action corner! Only two shows can go through into the quarterfinals - and those two shows are up to you! Vote for your favourites below!

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In the 2018 NickALive! Head 2 Head Championship, NickALive! invites fans all over the world to vote for their favourite animated and live-action Nickelodeon shows. Each week, they'll be two polls asking you to vote for your favourite animated and live-action Nick show. At the end of each weeks voting, the two shows with the most votes will advance through to the next stages.

How it works:

- NickALive!'s Nickelodeon World Cup will kick off with the octofinals, featuring 16 shows - eight animated and eight live-action - divided into four groups (two animation and two live-action), each containing four shows each.

- The two winning shows of each group will go onto quarterfinals, where they'll battle head-to-head for your votes.

- The winning show of each group will then go onto semifinals, where they'll battle their neighbouring group (Group A + Group B (animation) and Group C & Group D (live-action)).

- The winning animated and live-action show in each semifinal will then go head-to-head in a epic final battle! Who will reign supreme is up to you!

Any questions? Ask away in the comments below or on Twitter @DailyNickNews!

Each round will kick off every Sunday at 9:00pm BST (GMT+1), and close the following Sunday at 8:55pm BST (GMT+1).

Winners in bold.

Group A:

Week 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants vs. Fairly OddParents
Week 2 - Welcome to the Wayne vs. Harvey Beaks

Group B:

Week 3 - The Loud House vs. Bunsen Is a Beast
Week 4 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks!

Group C:

Week 1 - The Thundermans vs. School of Rock
Week 2 - Henry Danger vs. iCarly

Group D:

Week 3 - Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn vs. Game Shakers
Week 4 - Hunter Street Vs. I Am Frankie


Week 5 - Winners of Week 1 Vs. Winners of Week 2
Week 6 - Winners of Week 3 Vs. Winners of Week 4


Week 7 - Winner of Week 5 Vs. Winner of Week 6

Grand Final:

Week 8 - Winners of Week 7

Remember, the Nickelodeon Head-2-Head Championship is just for fun!

Originally published: Sunday, May 06, 2018.

Additional source: Wikipedia.
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